Software Testing Company and Developers’ Responsibilities

There is a belief that all the testing activities fully depend on a software testing company. After a long and time-consuming developing routing, the development team often wash their hands free and entrust testing functions to a third party.

This is actually a misbelief since both the team of developers and the software testing company are in charge of a successful software product.

The problem lies in a thinking that the only task of the developers is to write a program code, while desktop or website testing, as well as mobile testing are out of their competence. In this case when untested program is handled to the software testing company, it will take lots of time to discover software bugs to fix them. But time is precious!

The right way it should work is the following: the developers write the program code and then make sure the program or application perform its functions correctly. It will then minimize

expenses and time needed for testing activities.

It’s hard to escape the conclusion that developers have a range of responsibilities besides code writing. They are:

  • Writing specific unit-testing modules before they start coding or simultaneously with code writing. They may later handle them to software testing companies to be used for recognizing application or program incorrections.
  • Developing special programs that allow to inspect memory for leaks. Developers should also work out and share other basic unit-testing
  • Performing necessary adjustments to the unit-testing tools when the unit code is modified. The developers must be sure that all   unit-testing tools are effective and up-to-date.

All in all, the team of developers and a quality assurance company pursue the same aim – both strive for a high-quality end-product. That is why the strategy of collaboration and help is a major priority.