New Xiaomi Update MIUI 7 Released

Xiaomi, one of the quickest increasing leaders in the smart phone market has just provided the world with their newest application upgrade known as MIUI 7. There was a meeting in Delhi, Indian nowadays where the MIUI 7 was provided. Although some experts might say that Xiaomi seem to be upgrading their application a little too hurriedly, this update has been long anticipated by the China smart phone company’s customers. What exactly have these faithful lovers been awaiting and will they be nicely surprised? Let’s find out.

The one thing we need to know is that MIUI is not only arranged for Xiaomi mobile phones alone however, the os can be used on other manufacturers as well. MIUI is, actually, almost as popular as android working program and has about 150,000,000+ thousand customers and that number will absolutely develop in the future. MIUI 6 was something that captured the client’s eye with its unique personalized functions that has been improved battery power and rate efficiency. As with any follow up, the MIUI 7 is larger, better and faster. Well, it is at least better and faster (two out of three isn’t bad). The Vice Chief executive of Xiaomi, Hugo Barra, statements that the new look of MIUI will be up to 30% faster than the reduced edition. As seen before, the MIUI os showcases Google Android program and the 7 is to MIUI as what as the Lollipop 5.1 is to Android.

There is a special function on the MIUI 7 that will soon be available with the Xiaomi mobile phones only where video clip clips can be set to different connections instead of the tedious old ring-tones. This 5 second video clip will do it again itself when you get a call. The OS will help the system achieve its true prospective by avoiding ineffective waste of information while undesirable applications run in the qualifications. This improves battery power efficiency as well and can be prolonged by a remarkable 20%. Safari Software abilities and helps the OS in reducing undesirable web traffic. With larger display’s, the MIUI 7 provides its customers a larger typeface that actually looks nice on the tool and makes it much simpler to learn.