Is the iPhone 6 Really A Game Changer?

Apple’s new iPhone 6 has hit the marketplace in a big way. According to reports from the tech giant, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have broken all past revenue records, based on comparable three-day release periods.

Some 10 thousand mobile phones have already been sold. That is one thousand more than the past three-day record for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s.

The release of the “5’s” generated revenue of 9 thousand and involved numbers in Chinese suppliers where the 6 is not yet available, making the new revenue numbers even more amazing.

Apple lovers are getting these gadgets as never before. But do these mobile phones signify a significant cutting-edge or simply a compact sized step in the iPhone evolution?

Design elements are surely amazing. The 6’s are bigger and creatively attractive. The conventional 6 has been increased from the iPhone’s 4.0 inches wide display to one that is 4.7 inches wide.

The 6 Plus is has gone full “phablet” with a 5.5 inch show. It provides visual stabilizing in the digital camera, something missing in the conventional 6. It also provides the ability to run more applications in the horizontally panoramic mode and use a split display function. It has more battery power than small sized version.

Both mobile phones have a slimmer style with a faster A8 processer. Rates of speed will be enhanced over WIFI and LTE. Voice top quality over LTE should be better. More on board storage space is available too.

Apple Pay is integrated on both mobile phones. This is the organization’s way of turning your cellphone into a virtual digital pockets.

Android customers that have left the Apple organization brand may wish to take a second look at the 6s. The bigger displays and additional personalization are explanations to return to the easy to use iOS 8 os. The pulled up storage space level goes a long way to closing the gap with iPhone competitors.

Hard core Android os lovers will factor to a selection of mobile phones that cost less and have higher resolution. They will factor out that their gadgets have better battery power, detachable SD storage space and even detachable battery power.

Many Android os supporters are desperately looking forward to the release of the New samsung Universe Observe 4 in mid-October. This could set the stage for a warmed cell cellphone battle.

The Universe Observe 4 will competing the iPhone 6 Plus in dimension. Though a bit more compact in length it will have a bigger show. This includes a 16 mega-pixel rear digital camera compared to the 8 mega pixels on the iPhone, though the Apple organization system is known for the best detailed photos available.

One can discussion the display high top quality of Apple’s retina show compared to Samsung’s Super Amoled HD. The microSD slot is a function not available on the iPhone. The stylus pen on the New samsung is said to be the best the organization has offered. This is not involved on the Apple organization system.

Overall the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are much anticipated improvements to existing Apple organization mobile phones. They provide smooth style, enhanced features, and greater dimension in a slicker consumer experience.

The mobile phones provide significant improvements for both business and personal use.

Though many Android os customers may not be extremely satisfied, one factor is the iPhone app store which provides thousands of applications that Android os cannot touch.