How to Fix Most Typical Android operating system 5.0 Lollipop Problems in Universe S5

Galaxy S5 customers were pleased to receive the Android operating system 5.0 upgrade, but their pleasure did not last for long. Many Universe S5 customers have revealed problems with Wi-Fi, Wireless, reduced battery energy, after improving to Android operating system 5.0 Lollipop. Let’s look at some prospective repairs that can take care of problems experienced by Universe S5 customers.

Solution to fix Wi-Fi issues in Universe S5 operating Android operating system 5.0 Lollipop

Some of the Wi-Fi issues experienced by Universe S5 customers after improving to Android operating system 5.0 Lollipop are slow relationships and drop-out in the Wi-Fi connection. The prospective alternatives to take care of this problem are:

Reboot your Universe S5 and also restart your wireless router. You can also try changing off the device for a while and then going back it on. If your wireless router producer has provided an upgrade for firmware, go ahead and upgrade it. If none of these alternatives take care of the problem, you need to make changes to configurations on your Universe S5 and see if it allows.

Go to Settings- > Wi-Fi
Choose your Wi-Fi System and tap on Forget network
Now your Universe S5 will check out for Wi-Fi networks and present you with a list of Wi-Fi network available to connect
Choose the Wi-Fi network of your choice
Get into the password and tap on Connect

Solution to fix Wireless issues in Universe S5 operating Android operating system 5.0 Lollipop

Galaxy S5 customers report damaged or sporadic Wireless relationships with combined gadgets. To take care of this problem adhere to the actions given below

Go to Settings -> Bluetooth
Toggle the Wireless change few times
Go to Paired Devices and choose the combined system with which your Universe S5 is having connection problem.
Tap the Settings symbol besides the challenging combined system.
On the next screen, tap on unpair.
Tap on Selection symbol followed by hitting on Renew. Your Universe S5 will now search for available gadgets.
Once the product is listed in available gadgets, tap on its name to start coupling.
Do as instructed and go into the pass code when persuaded. You need to accept coupling on both gadgets in order to efficiently pair the gadgets.

Solution to reduced battery energy issues in Universe S5 operating Android operating system 5.0 Lollipop

There can be several reasons for reduced battery energy of your Universe S5. Before continuing to the remedy, you need to ensure that you have not installed prospective battery energy starving programs like Live wallpapers. Remove battery energy starving programs and then adhere to the actions given below.

Switch Off the product.
Press the Power key and Quantity down key at the same time and keep hold it for some time
The phone will start up and you can launch the energy key but proceed holding the quantity down key.
You will get a pop-up which will ask whether you want to restart the product in Secure method. Tap on OK

Booting your Universe S5 in Secure method will clear out storage cache and destroy the programs procedures that might be depleting your battery energy pretty fast.

You should also uninstall unwanted programs and also upgrade programs you frequently use and see if it allows. Many periods common repairs will not work to take care of the problem but a crucial app upgrade might take care of the problem.